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Welcome to Kingdom Vision International (KVI)!

KVI is a non profit charitable organization founded in Ethiopia in 2008 by Dr. Eyob Kolcha balcha and his friends to operate in Ethiopia and specifically in Addis Ababa, Oromia, and Southern regions with the major objective of transforming the lives of children, women, families, and communities in need socially, economically, physically, emotionally, and politically. It is a legally registered organization with the registration have managed to impact more than 20,000 people since we started. We are currently reregistered by the concerned authority to operate legally in specific areas such as child protection, community empowerment, human rights, and capacity building. Our website is under construction. We kindly request you to visit us frequently until it is fully function again. Thank you!

After 13 years of operations successfully, KVI is currently on its preparation for the next 10 years Strategic Plan (SP) from 2022 to 2032.

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A former beneficiary started his own charity organization.

One of KVI’s former beneficiaries visited the founder of KVI a couple of months ago in his office. He surprised the director (Dr. Eyob K. Balcha) at his office by explaining how the 22 years old boy started a charity organization that addresses the needs of children and women in need in the same community where he lived. He said to the director, ” When I started the process, officers were not sure I was serious, but I told the higher official that I was one of the beneficiaries of KVI and I will prove that I have the real passion to transform the lives of people in great need just the same way when I was on the streets of Addis Ababa” Within a short time, this boy started an amazing program by the support of some local and foreign donors. The program is currently operational, and many orphans and destitute women are benefiting from the program. We have been reserved to mention his name and post his picture until we officially get his consent. However, we are so proud of what we have done in the past 13 years. All the glory be unto God.

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Back in 2009 at our 1st year anniversary with the first batch kids in Addis Ababa with the founder of KVI, Dr. Eyob